Lead Partner

    Global Diversity Foundation (GDF)


    GDF believes that our future depends on our respectful engagement with the vast biological and cultural diversity of Earth. GDF works to protect this diversity and enhance socioecological wellbeing. It carries out collaborative biocultural projects that build resilience, foster innovation and promote learning.


        Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech (UCAM)

        Cadi Ayyad University, established in Marrakech in 1978, comprises 13 institutions including the Faculty of Sciences Semlalia, home to a leading biology department in Morocco that attracts postgraduate students from throughout Morocco and Francophone Africa.

            The Moroccan High Commission of Water and Forests (HCWF)

            The High Commission is the Moroccan agency responsible for implementing governmental policies in the domains of conservation and sustainable development of forest, wetland and silvopastoral resources in the forest domain and protected areas, and elaborating and implementing policies on anti-desertification and rural development.

                Department of Environment, Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment

                Under the Department of Environment, the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment aims to develop and support projects that fight against climate change, desertification and threats to the national biodiversity. It does so through different projects, such as the programme for the protection and valorization of biological diversity in Morocco.

                    The Scientific Institute Rabat

                    The Scientific Institute in Rabat, founded in 1920, is the oldest university research institution in Morocco. Research activities at the institute mostly focus on natural sciences, in particular Earth sciences (Earth physics, geology, geomorphology and cartography) and Life sciences (zoology and botanical ecology and plant ecology). The institute aims to draw up an inventory of all the natural resources of Morocco (fauna, flora and mineral resources).



                        RESING is a Marrakech-based engineering consulting firm specialized in environment and sustainable development. RESING’s expertise, delivered through technical assistance and training, ranges from environmental issues, rural development and agriculture to water resources (irrigation, drinking water supply and sanitation).

                            RADIANT DESIGN

                            RADIANT Design is based in Lalla Takerkoust, 35 km south of Marrakech. Their aim is to gather passionate permaculture professionals dedicated to design and implement systems that promote the sustainability of human activities and the regeneration of ecosystems. RADIANT Design helps to support projects, such as the creation of gardens, that are engaged about the preservation and restoration of our natural environment.