Director & Founder


    As Director, Dr. Hassan Rankou oversees MBLA’s activities and staff to ensure the successful implementation of all projects.

    Hassan manages the project activities, the capacity building modules and plays a significant role in ensuring the project’s legacy. Hassan is also responsible for maintaining successful relations with our diverse partner network, including local NGO’s, authorities, cooperatives and research centres.

    Hassan is a British-Moroccan plant conservationist graduated from the Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II in Morocco with a Master in biodiversity conservation and crop production. Hassan also got a PhD in climate change and biodiversity conservation from the University of Reading in the UK .

        Rachid AIT BABAHMAD

        MBLA President & Field Manager


        As MBLA’s President, Rachid Ait Babahmad overseas the overall management of MBLA projects and admin accounts. In his role as Field Manager he collects data on biodiversity-related topics and ensures the implementation of biodiversity conservation actions, while providing on-the-job capacity-building to Community Researchers. He also contributes to the organization of events and workshops for Community Researchers, community members and cooperatives on topics related to biodiversity conservation. As Imegdale’s Focal Point he communicates with community authorities and institutions to ensure implementation of GDF-MBLA field activities.

        Following an undergraduate in Growth and Plant Protection and Masters of Science in Ecological Engineering & Methodologies of Analysis and Management of Biodiversity, Rachid is now finishing his PhD in Ecology and environment at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech. His research focuses on Study and monitoring of Biodiversity in the High Atlas .

            Hajar SALAMAT

            MBLA Vice President & Field Researcher (Social Science)


            As Vice President, Hajar Salamat collaborates with the MBLA team to manage the office activities, as well as assisting in the organization of workshops and meetings.

            In her role as Field Scientist, she is responsible for ensuring community engagement and delivering participatory action research on cultural practices of conservation, sustainable land use practices and ethnobotanical knowledge in High Atlas communities.

            Hajar is a Moroccan agronomist engineer specialised in economic and social development, and trained at the Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II in Rabat- Morocco. Her research focused on analysing and evaluating the empowerment of women’s cooperatives of Argan oil in Tiznit, in the southern Moroccan region of Souss-Massa .

                Soufiane MSOU

                MBLA Secretary & Field Manager


                As MBLA’s Secretary, Soufiane M’sou supports the MBLA administration and office activities. In his role as Field Manager he collects data on sustainable land use practices and cultural practices of conservation, as well as biodiversity. In the field he provides on-the-job capacity-building to Community Researchers working on cultural practices of conservation, as well as assistance to the organization of workshops on topics related to biodiversity conservation and cultural practices of conservation.

                Following an undergraduate degree in “Environmental Engineering & Management of Biodiversity” and a Masters in “Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Protection, Conservation and Valorization”, Soufiane is now finishing his doctorate in Ecology and Phyto-chemistry at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech .

                    Hamza ZINE

                    MBLA Vice Secretary


                    As MBLA’s Vice Secretary, Hamza Zine supports the MBLA administration and office activities.

                    After his degree in “Applied biology in the environmental management” on the Moroccan Saharan flora, Hamza took a specialized Master in teaching life and earth sciences, during which he wrote his dissertation on the phytoecology of the Amassine reserve located in the boundary zone of Toubkal national park in the High Atlas. He is currently working on his PhD thesis on the revegetation of anthropized ecosystems by local flora (mines) for the purpose of their restoration.

                    Hamza is passionate about Moroccan phytodiversity,  especially floristic studies, plants identification and conservation, and plants photography .

                        Jamila BOUSSATA

                        MBLA Community Liaison & Dar Taliba Focal Point


                        Jamila Boussata coordinates all field activities of the Dar Taliba school garden project where she leads on strengthening the capacity of girls through the organization of educational group activities. Jamila is also repsonsbile for the maintenance of the various school gardens with support of the gardeners.

                        Jamila graduated from the Institute for Leadership and Communication Studies (ILCS) in Rabat with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Public Relations .

                            Abdellah AGHRAZ

                            MBLA Treasurer & Laboratory Scientist


                            As MBLA’s Treasurer, Abdellah Aghraz prepares the quarterly accounts in collaboration with MBLA’s President. In his role as Laboratory Scientist he collects data on chemical analysis and biological activities of different essential oil and plant extracts.  He is currently working on an essential oil and plant quality analysis, and  genetic and chemical characterization of local varieties.

                            Abdellah is a PHD student in Biotechnology of Natural Resources at the University of Cadi Ayyad in Marrakech. His doctoral work explores the plant extracts and quality. He holds a Master in Aromatic and Medicinal plant Conservation, Protection and Valorization .


                                Pommelien DA SILVA COSME

                                Communications and Field Officer


                                Pommelien da Silva Cosme is Communications and Field officer for GDF’s High Atlas Cultural Landscapes Programme. As part of this role she works closely with the MBLA team to curate stories on key projects in the field. She also supports the organisation, facilitation and reporting for different MBLA field activities, such as the Dar Taliba project.

                                Pommelien graduated from the K. U. Leuven (Belgium) with a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies and a Master’s degree in Business Communications .

                                    Fadma AIT ILIGH

                                    Community Researcher


                                    In her role as Community Researcher Fadma Ait Iligh spends a lot of time in the field, particularly in the community of Imegdale, where she conducts interviews with local community members about local practices of conservation and plant use. She also takes an active part in managing Imegdale’s local herbarium and plant collection.

                                    Following an undergraduate degree in Geography at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech, Fadma has worked in the field of human development and cultural landscapes.

                                        Omar Saadani Hassani

                                        Field Agronomist Researcher


                                        Omar graduated with a Masters in Water and Environment, with previous experiences that have enabled him to acquire knowledge on the treatment of wastes, the conservation of biodiversity and the environment, as well as concepts related to work safety in the field. In his role as Field Agronomist Researcher, he is in charge of soil analysis, permaculture workshops, training for farmers through the
                                        organization of Farmer Field School.

                                        Omar is now finishing his PhD in Environmental Sciences at Cadi Ayyad University .

                                            Fatima Chaari

                                            GIS Mapping consultant


                                            Fatima is a Moroccan agronomist engineer specialising in Ecology and Management of Natural Ecosystems, having graduated from the HASSAN II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary in Rabat, Morocco. Her research focused on elaborating the reference situation of pastoral resources in Souss-Massa in order to contribute to the establishment of a monitoring system on the pastoral resources in this southern
                                            Moroccan region. The specific objectives of her study were to characterise rangelands vegetation, evaluate phytomass produced and analyse vegetation structure parameters.

                                            In her role as GIS Mapping consultant, she carries out research on regional and local mapping in relation to biocultural landscapes.