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Meryem Aakairi

Field Agronomist and Lead of grobiodiveristy program

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About Meryem Aakairi:

Meryem Aakairi graduated with a Master’s degree in Biology and Environment, with previous experiences that have enabled her to acquire knowledge on Agroecology, permaculture and seed production capacity building. She supports the development of the High Atlas agroecology programme through community engagement and delivering participatory action research on cultural practices of conservation, sustainable land use practices and capacity-building activities. She is very passionate about improving lives in the rural communities and the economic empowerment of the rural women. Meryem is a native Amazigh speaker, and also speaks Arabic, English and French. She joined MBLA team in February 2021 as Field Agronomist Researcher. Meryem is passionate about food production that respects her environment, nature and people. One of her goals is to support farmers in their efforts to protect the environment and food security.