Ourika valley

Al Haouz, High Atlas

Dar Taliba botanical garden

In Ourika’s all girls boarding school, we established in collaboration with ABDBO a botanical garden of 6000m2, which has hosted our environmental education program since 2014. The interactive workshops we facilitate are designed to develop the girls skills and knowledge of plant conservation, plant uses, permaculture techniques and traditional conservation practices. The girls help with the planting, cultivate thousands of seeds in the garden’s greenhouse, which they share with their families and friends, and, most importantly, reap the rewards of their hard work by harvesting delicious fruits and vegetables that last for months, sustaining the school’s meals for 130 resident students and staff.

Open tours and workshops :

Visitors are welcome for tours, seasonal harvest events, agreoecology workshops, biodiveristy walks in the wild, and more at our botanical garden in Ourika. Check out our calendar for details on upcoming events at the Ourika botanical garden, or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to book your spot.

Open Monday to Thursday
From 9am to 3pm
Transportation not included
Food can be arranged
Contact us for more details.

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