MBLA generates new, and enhances current knowledge of the conservation status of threatened, endemic and valuable plant species. Aspects of our research include:

  • Plants and habitats assessments;
  • Floristic surveys;
  • Ecological monitoring centered on community-based biodiversity and ecosystem composition management practices;
  • Conservation assessments of species, habitat, ecosystems and key biodiversity areas;
  • Mapping species areas of occupancy and studying environmental threats causing their degradation.
  • Assess climate change’s effects on ecosystem populations and identify potential climate change refugia;
  • Create a baseline for tracking changes in species, habitat, and ecosystem scales.
  • Elaborate regional conservation priorities, actions and management plans.


We firmly believe that local community participation is critical to the success of our biodiversity conservation efforts. That is why, we are proud to say that after more than six years of working with High Atlas communities, we have established a community herbarium, three community seed banks, and four community plant nurseries. These initiatives aim to distribute and reintroduce wild, medicinal, threatened, useful, and endemic species in the wild and on community lands.

Another focus of our biodiversity conservation efforts is the restoration of traditional water management infrastructures to provide safe drinking water, sanitation, and meet the needs of the local agricultural sector. We work to achieve this vital restoration by facilitating capacity building workshops and training sessions for local community members on practises such as employing organic fertilisers and the oya irrigation system.

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The Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihoods Association is a non-governmental non-profit association registered in Hay Mohamadi zone, Marrakech under the n° 470.

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