Biodiversity Walk in Oukaïmeden

Event Start Date:
January 7, 2023
Event End Date:
January 14, 2023
Event Venue:


 The High Atlas Biodiversity walks are organized by MBLA in the hopes of raising awareness about the local biodiversity, its wonders and its challenges, disappearing cultural conservation practices, and the ways in which everyone can contribute to supporting environmentally friendly rural economies.


Oukaïmeden’s plant nursery

The first stop is our plant nursery in Oukaïmeden, where thousands of plants of over 26 species are cultivated yearly, and distributed to farmers, cooperatives, associations and schools to reduce wild harvesting practices in the region. Cultivated species that are endemic or endangered however are reintroduced to their natural habitat by our team to help reduce their decline in population. The Oukaïmeden plant nursery also hosts many environmental workshops for those curious about the local biodiversity, agroecology, and methods for living in harmony with nature.

Stroll in the Mountains

For the second stop, you will walk through the Atlas Mountains with our conservation experts to learn about ancient agricultural practises in the area, the local biodiversity, and to ask questions about the species you encounter.

Agdal Oukaïmeden and rock engravings

Our third and final stop is the Agdal Oukaimeden,where you will learn about the Agdal ancestral nomadic practice and its vital role in restoring ecological balance in the region. You will also discover “L’Azib“, a traditional construction made of rocks which becomes shelter to nomads during grazing season and the famous Oukaïmeden prehistoric rock engravings.



Provided services : 

Transportation from Semlalia, Marrakech

Breakfast at the Oukaimden plant nursery

Lunch in Agdal Mountains by L’Azib



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