Al Haouz, High Atlas

Community plant nurseries and seed bank

Imdegal commune has become home to many of our projects, including two of our plant nurseries and a seed bank.
In collaboration with local cooperatives, two plant nurseries were established to meet the high demand for our seedlings in the region. The local community’s strong interest in our initiatives from the outset ensures seamless functioning of our initiatives on site. Every year, both plant nurseries produce an average of 50 000 seedlings of 35 species, which are distributed to community members or planted in the wild to restore balance and ensure endemic and endangered species conservation.

Open tours and workshops :

Visitors are welcome for tours, biodiveristy walks in the wild, agreoecology workshops, and more at our plant nurseries in Imegdal.

Check out our calendar for details on upcoming events at the Imegdal plant nurseries, or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to book your spot.

Open Monday to Thursday
From 9am to 3pm
Transportation not included
Food can be arranged
Contact us for more details.

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