Zaouiat Ahansal

Azilal Province - Central High Atlas

Community Plant Nurseries/Seed Bank

In collaboration with the AESVT association, we established a 2400m2 community nursery in the village of Agoudime in the commune of Zaouiat Ahansal in 2021. This community plant nursery aims to protect endangered and endemic species by reproducing them, distributing them to populations, and reintroducing them into the wild. It also supports the local communities by providing aromatic and medicinal plant seedlings to local cooperatives and training farmers in sustainable agricultural practices. A seed bank has been set up in the premises of the Amaguar cooperative for the conservation of endangered species, climateresilient local varieties and endemic species of the region and Morocco.

Group Tours and Workshops​

Visitors are welcome for tours, biodiveristy walks in the wild, agreoecology workshops, and more at our plant nursery and seek bank in Zaouiat Ahnsal. Check out our calendar for details on upcoming events at the Zaouiat Ahnsal plant nursery, or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to book your spot.

Open Monday to Thursday
From 9am to 3pm
Transportation not included
Food can be arranged
Contact us for more details

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